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For Immediate Release: Delray Beach Executive Offices Gains 9 New Offices

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For Immediate Release

For more information, contact: Delray Beach Executive Suites T: 561-819-5456 F: 561-819-5143 January 7, 2017 Delray Beach Executive Suites, proudly announces our third office expansion. We have acquired 9 additional offices and one more conference room on the second floor at 301 W. Atlantic Ave in Delray Beach, Florida, and have effectively tripled our office and conference room space since our original opening. For leasing information, please contact our office manager at 561-819-5456 and check us out at

For Immediate Release: Delray Beach Executive Offices Expansion

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For Immediate Release

For more information, contact: Delray Beach Executive Suites T: 561-819-5456 F: 561-819-5143

Delray Beach Executive Offices Expansion

July 7, 2016 Delray Beach Executive Suites, proudly announces our second office expansion within the last year. We have acquired the adjoining offices, formally known as Ave Maria Office Suites, and have doubled our existing office and conference room space. For leasing information, please contact our office manager at 561-819-5456 and check us out at    

Delray Beach Local Michael R. Caruso (“Mikey”)

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Mikey Caruso has lived in Delray Beach for the last 28 years. He is a champion barefoot water-skier and an avid fisherman. He also the stepson of Tracy Caruso, President of Delray Beach Executive Suites. Below is a short interview that Tracy conducted with Mikey. Check it out to see what Delray Beach is like through the eyes of a local . FullSizeRenderTracy: When did you move to Delray Beach? Mikey: I've been here since I was 2 years old. I'm 30 now. Tracy: What neighborhood did you grow up in and what did you like about it? Mikey: I grew up in Lake Ida. Waterskiing, fishing, sunsets, boating, and the animals. There were alligators, ducks, birds, turtles, raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, and fish. I used to do a lot of bass fishing on the lake. When I was a little kid, I loved playing with the minnows. We had our own beach. I would dig canals on the beach and fill them up the minnows and watch them swim down into the lake. We also had a lot of fruit trees. I ate fruit everyday. We had tangerine trees and also orange, grapefruit, lemon, and, of course, coconuts. My dad would grab 2 tangerines everyday before we would go out on the boat to waterski. My dad would also prepare fresh coconut water, straight from the trees. Tracy: It sounds like you grew up in a family friendly neighborhood. Mikey: Lake Ida is definitely a family neighborhood. My sister Christie and I would set up lemonade stands by the side of the road. I fished with my brother Andrew. I also used to love skim boarding with another one of my brothers, JP. I used to take my youngest brother, Danny, tubing behind the boat. I also loved watching Christie perform in plays at the Delray Beach Playhouse. I always used to play with my sister, Caroline, at the beach. My sister Kimmy is an actress and we used to go to her plays at Banyan Creek Elementary school. (Mikey has 6 siblings.) On weekends, the family would go to the beach and build sandcastles. Tracy: It sounds like your family really took advantage of what Delray Beach has to offer. Tell me about barefoot water skiing. Mikey: One day, my dad and a neighbor took me water skiing. I used to watch them ski and one day I said that I wanted to water ski. My dad held me up while waterskiing and that was the first time I tried barefoot skiing. I was two and half years old. Later, I became a junior world champion barefoot waterskiing. I had numerous sponsors growing up and it all started on Lake Ida. Tony's Deli was one of my local sponsors. Tracy: You seem to love fishing in Delray. Tell me about that. Mikey: There's just always a ton of fish and they're always biting. Delray has snook, bass, fresh water catfish, blue gill, tilapia, shiners, snapper, kingfish, grouper, and mullet. Tracy: Don't forget monk fish! That's what you caught for us and made for dinner last month. How has Delray changed the most over the years? Mikey: It's definitely busier but in a good way. There are a lot more people. Atlantic Avenue has gotten a lot bigger and a lot prettier. There are a lot more stores and events. Delray has such fun events now such as the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The 100 foot tree wasn't in Delray when I was a very little kid. Delray does an amazing job of the holidays. The Christmas parade is so nice. I love the 4th of July fireworks. One of my favorites is the Saint Patrick's Day festival at Saint Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church. That was the church my family used to go to every Sunday. I just loved growing up in Delray Beach. We lived in a safe and secure neighborhood and I was able to do things with my friends and siblings without worrying about safety. The people here are so friendly. It's just really easy to make friends here.

DBES Tenant Allison Turner Featured in Atlantic Ave Magazine

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Congratulations to Delray Beach Executive Suites tenant Allison Turner on her feature in Atlantic Ave Magazine's January 2016 issue. Allison  is the co-founder and CEO of Business Consultants of South Florida and is an active participant in the Delray Beach community, serving as chair of the Delray Beach Iniative, as well as Chair of the Ambassadors for the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. DBES is proud to have Allison as a tenant and we wish her much added success in the new year! Allison-Turner-Feature

To read the article, scroll to page 108.


The 100 Foot Christmas Tree of Delray Beach

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delray Beach 100ft Christmas-tree

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For more than 20 years, Delray Beach has had the legendary 100 ft Christmas Tree (the "tree" is actually made out of 30,000 lbs of metal framing and has 650 steel panels). It has been named one of the best Trees in all of the USA. It's in good company with other named trees such as the one in Rockefeller Center and the one in the white house. Due to weather conditions, the December 3rd annual tree lighting ceremony was moved to December 10, 2015. The good news is that you can still catch it. The Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place at Old School Square on Atlantic Avenue and Swinton. The 15,000 LED lights, 39,500 ornaments, 3,086 branches, and 9,800 lbs of foliage can be viewed until January 1st. At the base of the tree is an entrance into the actual tree itself. Inside you'll find scenes of different historic landmarks in Delray Beach. It's just a fun and adorable way to spend time with friends and family. This is such an amazing time of year in Delray Beach. Enjoy outdoor music, great food, and even an outdoor skating rink. Don't miss tonight's event. The tree lighting kicks off with Santa landing in a helicopter at 7:15 PM to light the tree. The festivities continue all month long. Friday, December 11th at 6:30 PM is the annual boat parade. Saturday, December 12th at 6:00 PM is the annual holiday parade. This is the perfect time of year to experience for yourself the undeniable charm of this village by the sea. Come see why Country Living recently named Delray Beach (it's number 9 on the list) as one of the 20 best small towns for Christmas! Hope to see you all there. -Tracy Caruso, President of Delray Beach Executive Suites

Meet DBES Tenant Jack “AJ” Hinkel:
This Realtor & Delray Beach Resident isn’t Just a Hard Body and Pretty Face

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AJAJ Hinkel is a realtor and tenant at Delray Beach Executive Suites. Delray Beach has become South Florida’s hot spot and both residential and commercial real estate have become hot, hot, hot, just like eligible bachelor, AJ.  Delray Beach home values have gone up 14.5% over the past year alone. Here is a short interview that Tracy Caruso, owner of DBES, conducted with Realtor, AJ Hinkel. Tracy: Delray Beach is such a fun place and I love living here. Why do you like Delray Beach? AJ: I like the networking opportunities in Delray. I can sit at the bar at City Oyster and I’ll always see someone that I know.  It’s just a friendly place with a great nightlife. Tracy: What do you like doing with your free time? AJ: The cultural activities in Delray Beach are great. It’s become quite the arts community. There’s always an art fair to go to and the restaurants are excellent. I also go to the beach, boating, kayaking, and I go to the gym. I tried surfing once but that didn’t go so well (smile). Tracy: Are you single at the moment? Who is the cute kid in the picture? AJ: Yes, I am single and looking. I’m a single dad. The boy in the picture is my adorable son, Riley. Tracy: Where are your favorite places to go out? AJ: City Oyster on the Ave is my favorite. When they see me, they already have a drink poured for me. Everybody knows your name, just like Norm from “Cheers.” Now that Rocco’s Tacos has opened, I like it there as well. When it gets cooler, I go to Il Bacio and sit outside. In Pineapple Gove, I go to El Camino. They have an awesome jalapeno watermelon margarita. Tracy: How did you get into the real estate business to begin with? AJ: I had opened a mortgage company in Ohio and then I moved to Florida after my divorce. Times had changed and the business just wasn’t the same anymore. In 2013, I decided to get back into the real estate business. For me, this is a perfect career. I get to meet new people and there’s nothing better than being outside in the Florida air. Tracy:  AJ, what makes you different amongst the many realtors in Palm Beach County?  Why should someone go to you? AJ: The thing that’s unique about me is my strong background in finance. I was in the mortgage business for 16 years. I can help you understand your financing options and I can tell you what your options are for when you sell your property. Many people find this type of thing to be confusing. I can give you the guidance you need and it won’t cost you a cent. The biggest question anyone has when buying property is, “How am I going to pay for this?” I can help you to figure that out and take a lot of the stress out of what’s usually the biggest purchase of one’s life.  Financing and exit strategy are what make me the one to go to for your real estate needs. Tracy: What area in Delray Beach should a single person look for a home? Where should someone who has a family look for a home? AJ: If you’re single and you can do it, live on the Ave (Atlantic Ave) for sure. You can walk everywhere. A family should look for a home on Lake Ida. Lake Ida is family oriented. If you can get a place on the lake, go for it. It’s the perfect lifestyle. You can go boating or keep a couple of jet skis. Lake Ida is amazing. Tracy: How can people find your listings? AJ: Look online on Zillow. You can do a search for Jack Hinkle and you’ll see my listings or just search for listings in Delray Beach. Tracy: What else do you want people to know about you? AJ: I get up at 5AM everyday and I work my butt off. My work ethic is incomparable. I can be reached any time of the day or night. If you call me on my cell phone at 1AM, I’ll answer. I know South Florida well and I’m a Delray Beach real estate expert. Tracy: I’m just going to ask. Why Jack and AJ for your first name? Inquiring minds want to know. AJ: (Laughs) My name is actually Jack A.J Hinkel. (This isn’t a spelling error. There’s no period after the J.) If you look up my real estate license, it’s under Jack which is why I have it on my business card and sometimes go by Jack. But, I’m really AJ. My dad was Jack and I wasn’t actually a junior so it’s always been AJ, as a way to differentiate myself from my dad. Tracy: Thanks for clearing that up. What’s your astrological sign? There are lots of single women out there who might want to know.  Also, what’s the deal with the empty picture frame on your bookshelf in your office? AJ: I’m a Gemini. Isn’t Gemini the twins? You can call one of them Jack and one of them AJ. (smile) The picture frame is reserved for a picture of me with the right woman. Well there you have it, folks. AJ is a brawny, single realtor with a great work ethic, who is just waiting for the right woman to show off in his office picture frame. If you're in need of a realtor, drop by AJ’s office at Delray Beach Executive Suites any time. You can meet AJ and all of our friendly tenants and find out for yourself why AJ makes DBES his business home. You can also reach out to AJ for all of your real estate needs on his cell at 561-202-4714 or email him at

Role Model: Dee Guenther, South Florida resident and Office Manager of Delray Beach Executive Suites

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Dee Guenther, Office manager Delray Beach Executive OfficesRetirees who want to re-enter the work force are a largely untapped resource.  Locations such as South Florida have a lot of these gems, just itching for some way to keep busy and be productive.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.3 million formerly retired Americans have re-entered the workforce lately. Some are doing it to supplement retirement income; others because they just feel like working again. [1]
Delray Beach Executive Suites  realizes that  workers 60-plus are adding value by exhibiting highly sought-after traits in today's economy that employers need and want.  We feel  fortunate  to have snatched up one such employee in our newly minted DBES Office Manager, Dee Guenther. The following is a short interview  conducted by our company owner and CEO  Tracy Caruso with Dee.  

Bet you won’t Answer this One….

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ID-100259579 There has been a movement within modern society that has shown up in the past 5 years. This is an unofficial movement but a movement nonetheless. It's laden with folks who are questioning life deeply and asking the question that has crossed everyone's mind at least once.

What would you be doing if money were no object?


The Facts about Meditation and your Health and Work Performance

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ID-10040823-1In decades past, we in mainstream society viewed meditation as primarily a practice for those outside the Americas and Canada...way outside. In fact, it was thought to be for the strictly metaphysically minded and their gurus. Medical science hadn't come up with viable proof that meditation did anything other than foster better relaxation. Most of us never thought to take part and if we did, it was stigmatized enough for people not to mention that they had.  

The Cure for Working around the Kids – Get a Virtual Office

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ID-10089472 There are more entrepreneurs than ever emerging fresh from colleges all over the country. But, the larger population of them who are stay-at-home workers have children. Some are single moms and some are stay-at-home dads. And then, comes the summer. The kids are home. The kids are bored. The parents are trapped between the Skype meeting and digging cheerios out of the carpet or, depending on the dynamic, out of  the ear of one of the other children. Even if both parents are in the house all day, there will be additional supervision but there will still be vying for attention, fighting and noise. Kids have a lot of energy to burn off during the summer and this is a crazy maker for work productivity.  

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