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How to use Facebook without a Personal Account

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ID-10093855If you're like me, you've gotten bored with the same old unoriginal inspirational posters and pictures of your "Friends" last meal they had. Unfortunately if a friend posts one thing then you can guarantee you will see at least 4+ more of the same in your news feed. So, frustration sets in because you have to have a Facebook business page to get seen for most types of businesses. For public figures though, like artists, bands, writers and non-profits I suggest Linkedin. Better quality interaction and people will have no shame in running off those who attempt to post FB like things on there. When business is key and you have no time for anything else then you're in luck!  


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ID-100254539I was fortunate enough to have what was called 'communal parenting' this means that you probably came from a divorced household and there were other people with their hands in your upbringing. It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. But, back then in the 70's and 80's you were looked upon with piety because this was still a taboo. I can honestly say that at the age of 46, I have not a single regret about the experience.

So, how does this relate to you?  

Leaving a Secure Job to Pursue a Business

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ID-100109224 There are millions of women globally that are leaving secure jobs, even with families and all the expenses that come with it. Why? There are a variety of reasons why and we will visit some of those here. Women are being encouraged by the government and by society to become entrepreneurs. Globally there will be well over a billion women who will be making an impact on our society. So why is there such a passion for entrepreneurship?  

How to be Indispensable in a Disposable Job Market

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ID-10081492 Today it is a bit more difficult to stay in a job when employers are able to be far more selective. After all if you are not working up to speed then it is just as easy to hire a new person from the list of resumes on the bosses’ desk. It doesn’t seem fair that we are asked to do more yet the pay doesn’t seem to get much better and now we are being forced to carry our own benefits in the  U.S. lest we be fined. But there are only two choices as with anything in life and that is to keep moping and complaining or to make it work for us. There are ways to keep gainfully employed by catering to the specific things that employers are looking for.  

Business Perks of being a Woman

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live-receptionist delray beach virtual offices 301 w atlantic ave ste 0-5 delray beach, fl There are a lot of perks when you are a female and starting a business. The most important thing is the startup which is what generally keeps people from ever starting a business.  The idea of business loans, if you can get one is off putting because of the repayment. Business payday loans are scary and come at high interest rates. But there is a way to get free money that you never have to pay back. This is called a grant and it is the same sort of thing you apply to a school for education. There is free money in the country for female entrepreneurs of all kinds.  

How to Host a Networking Party

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ID-100176537 Sometimes when the mountain won’t go to Mohamed then Mohamed must go to the mountain. Finding networking in your city or town as far as organizations that host them can prove frustrating. If you live in New York, maybe you’ll get lucky but in some American towns you are hard-pressed to find one that will have more than three people show up and two of them are real estate agents. In places like Florida and other tourist-oriented states it is like this a lot. Some folks have become members of meet up groups that are geared toward meeting people of like-mind and interest and a lot of networking goes on there, if again, you can get people to show up. Even sites that require an RSVP have this issue.  

A Candid Look into the Baby-Boomer Roommate Trend

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Communication Styles Today, more than ever before there is a growing trend within the female ‘baby-boomer’ generation. These are people who were born during the “baby-boom’ between years 1946 and 1964 after WWII. Meaning when the boys came home, they made up for lost time by starting families right away. They didn’t know that in their golden years they would have to cut corners. They also didn’t bank on having to double up at home with a roommate just to save money. Yes, it’s true that most widowed or divorced women in that age-group were looking forward to their husband’s pensions and Social Security. Because many were housewives and paid very little into Social Security they are now struggling to make their way. Had they not decided to share a common domicile with another female they would have had to possibly make a decision between medicine and groceries. There are many other reasons why this arrangement is common and it’s not all bad Remember that this is the 60’s hippie generation, you wouldn’t think to look at them now but this was a free flowing, peace-loving empowered generation of women. In this way they are reverting right back to that old communal style living. So when the going gets tough they get together. According to an analysis done by AARP in 2010 they found that at least 480,000 women lived with another woman that was not a blood relation or a relation by marriage. There are more and more “Home-Share” programs that are assisting those who want to share a home since the economy turned for the worse. Some lost their homes and couldn’t afford to rent an apartment because of the rental market taking advantage of the economic situation.   Rents are set to rise another 4.6% this year according to the National Association of Realtors. These programs help connect those that are compatible to share a home.This business will boom as more baby-boomer females get together to save money. So why not get together with a man? This is interesting because whenever you hear a baby-boomer female talk about ‘shaking up’ with a man instead, several factors come into play. Here is what happens in this case. Some women in that generation are still against living together without marriage. This is mostly because their children and grandchildren are not so hot on the idea. If they marry, they stand to lose any benefit as a widow that they may be getting from their deceased husbands. There are also an inordinate number of occurrences of fraud between romantic alignments in this generation. Everything from insurance fraud to bank account fraud seems to have turned off this generation of women. Not to say that it doesn’t happen in any trusted alliance but for now it is still happening much more among male and female alliances of this nature than any other. What are then the main reasons why women share with women? For the most part other than money, it is the bonding that women share with other women. It is the cherishing of those emotional ties that they know will last through all the changes in their marriages and divorces and they feel protected and safe in fostering that camaraderie. Then there is the health-issue; these ladies are healthier and living longer but they come with issues nonetheless and no one wants to be alone and sick or in an emergency. This is really the top reason among most over the age of 65. It is comforting to know someone is there that can reach out in time of need. What are cohousing projects? This type of arrangement is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, there is an expansion of this arrangement that began in Denmark and it has caught on quickly stateside. This arrangement is called cohousing and it entails a group of women per household that have their own bedroom and sometimes bathroom and share the common areas like kitchen and living room and they also share cooking and cleaning chores as well. There is an actual model in Colorado that is expanding into San Diego and other big cities. In conclusion, money, companionship and a sense of well-being and happiness without romantic obligation and red-tape is the crux of the situation. This generation began changing the way we live and think and now this is still their accomplishment. It is what they leave the world with. It is the same sense of strength and survival they always had. Give them a problem and a solution shall be found in unity. ###    

Tips to Keeping a Job in a Volatile Economy

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  Today there are more people walking on eggs at work simply because they are always watching their back. They know they can be replaced and they are more nervous than ever before. However, it seems that people still do some crazy things as if they don’t have a care in the world. This can be attributed to the resentment that people feel when they are scrutinized. This happens often as sort of a rebellion against micro-management. Employees know that employers are spoiled for choice at this point and can dismiss an employee for any reason. In fact, they always could in right-to-work non-union states. The only difference is that they have a thousand people that they could hire to replace them. Though we cannot do much if anything about that, we can steer you in the right direction so that you can keep what you have. First, get to work! It is a sad situation when people have to be told to show up for work, especially when they are on the edge at all times. But alas this happens for the reasons we stated earlier. There are more callouts and absenteeism than ever and a lot of lax work being put out by those that feel conspired against. The passion in people’s careers just is not present and we are not telling you to love it but it is a job and until you land your dream job or open your own business I suggest you get to work, on time and complete your tasks like you mean it. Be a team-player and someone your boss can trust Yeah, we are telling you to make your boss look good, that’s right. You may not want to but remember if you are the one he or she can go to, to advise them, then you are invaluable to them. This however, does not mean be the company snitch or the president of the brown nose club; it means stand behind them and be on their side. Don’t buy into the ‘us’ against them attitude or you will run the risk of being targeted as the one they “have to watch”. If you deal with clients; watch the company money off-site If you are on the company dime, then you need to make sure they don’t have to explain why you had 6 martini lunches in a week. Make sure you target your expenditure and can show what came out of those meetings. You don’t always have to ‘do lunch’ you can do coffee at Starbucks in the morning if it is for anything less than a million-dollar deal that you need to close. You know what I mean? Make the expense match the offense so to say. There is an old saying that a wife is there to protect two things; her husband’s money and his name. The same goes for a good employee. Protect his rep and his wallet and go far. ###

White-Collar Blue-Collar; Making the Transition between Industries

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Future of Business Today the economy has done away with a lot of career pathways that were once in need. For example, due to excessive outsourcing of production, the factories that once made America number one in industry collapsed. Towns like Allentown Pennsylvania was the omen that we noticed decades before this economic downturn took place. This has forced so many to seek education after they thought they were through with that phase in their lives. This also meant that there are people who are moving from blue-collar industry positions to white-collar office positions and the other way around. The more common movement is from white-collar to blue-collar service positions. This can spell disaster for people who have no idea what to expect. Many of these people have had to move to another town to find work. Not a career; just work to feed their families. What is some of what to expect in a blue-collar or white-collar world? Well when you make the transition either way, you are entering a world with very different rules and also a different culture. In the office (white-collar) there is a far more uptight air and you have to watch more of what you do and say to coworkers and bosses and your overall behavior. Not to say that industry (blue-collar) is a free-for-all but it tends to be a lot more earthy and real. People are usually more friendly and buddy-buddy than in the office. They also tend to stay in whatever position they start in and are less threatened by what people see or hear. Most of these jobs are in more rural places and people tend to hang-out with each other outside of work and are familiar with one another’s habits. This leaks into the workplace where you may have to deal with the passing joke. There is no rush to go to HR over every little comment here whereas in the office it would mean anything from a write-up to a dismissal. Someone transitioning from white-collar to blue may have to understand that in this arena there are also rites of passage to becoming accepted; a hazing of sorts. Best thing to do here is be friendly and wait until someone comes to you to make friends. If you are transitioning from blue-collar to white then it is considerably harder to mingle with those that are much more controlled than what you are used to. Best practice here is to do the same and be friendly and wait for others to come to you and remember to be appropriate with jokes and such. Wait until you see the culture before you try to entertain. ###  

The Future of Business

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Future of Business

To run a successful business we all know that "who" you know can sometimes trump "what" you know. Not saying that one should out weigh the other but the balance of them both can lead you down a brighter path. When its your first business and you are just starting out, we understand that the main focus is getting your product or service known to the world and majority of your expenses are spent doing just that. That is why starting with a virtual office is so beneficial to your budget and business identity. Delray Beach Executive Suites now offers videoconferencing, allowing you to eliminate the hassle and costly expenses used to travel. Not only are you giving your business a prestigious business address in the heart of downtown Delray Beach, you can now network and expand your target market to anyone in the world. We put together 5 benefits of a virtual office and videoconferencing below.  

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