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Delray Beach 100 ft Christmas Tree

Delray Beach 100 ft Christmas Tree

Delray Beach Menorah Lighting

Delray Beach Menorah Lighting

On December 4th 2014, Delray Beach held its annual Famous 100 Ft Christmas Tree Lighting Event! Well over 300 people from all over West Palm Beach were in attendance including Santa Claus who kept the children on their toes as he circled Atlantic Avenue in a helicopter. If that wasn't exciting enough, Delray Beach also attempted to break the record for having the biggest  

Lights!! Camera!! Action!!

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Today we had the pleasure of working with Video Resources who came all the way from Massachusetts! Their goal was to find a great office location so that they can shoot a few scenes for a dental company named Straumann. Straumann USA, LLC, located in Andover, MA, is the US subsidiary of Straumann Holding, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. As the largest dental implant company in the world, the Straumann Group of companies has an active presence in more than 50 countries.Straumann is a leading provider of solutions in implant dentistry and dental tissue regeneration. Their mission is to enable dental professionals to restore their patients’ oral function and esthetics through effective, reliable, and safe treatment methods.  

Artober 2014

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Artist Amauri Torezan,  Artober 2014 Delray Beach


Delray Beach celebrated their very first "Artober Fest" in Pineapple Grove.  This free community block party was complete with live entertainment, classic car show, roaming art, chill lounge and a kids corner. During this event we had the pleasure of watching artist Amauri Torezan make magic!! His retro early-mid 20th century artwork is impossible to go unnoticed.  The magic in his artwork is how differently it presents itself to each individual.   

How to Communicate with the Traditionalist Generation

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Communication styles are completely different with each generation. This subjective is so extensive that many books have been written about it. There are four generations that we are all interacting with at some point business and social situations. Each generation has its own value system. In order to be able to communicate with all types of people, knowing which generation a person is part of is one of many tools that you can use to communicate effectively. All generations are important but living in Florida, it's particularly important to be able to communicate with people 65 and over since so many people in that age group live here.  

They got the hint….Have you?

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delray beach executive offices - new business in townAs one of South Florida's most popular friend and family oriented destinations, Delray Beach has become the new "Hot Spot" for business development.  Alantic Ave. serves as the heart of Delray Beach offering almost every accommodation imaginable. There seems to be no slowing down anytime soon. As of September 2014 Delray has over 27 publicly funded projects and over 10 private development projects which include, Fairfield Inn, I-PIC Theater and over 8 multi-family residential developments and apartments. It seems that there is a trend going on and it would be a shame for your business to miss out on the rise of Delray Beach. Over $420 million dollars is being invested into can join the madness for just $75 a month!! Expand your business to Delray Beach today! They got the hint...have you?    

New Company Looking to Grow Your Roots?

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Plant Your Company Right In The Heart of Downtown Delray Beach

When first starting up a company, it is possible to meet in local coffee shops and book stores 1-2 times a week to get what you want accomplished. If you really want your business to grow and be successful, you need to provide a place where your company can be productive and create a space where people share a common goal day in and day out.  

Delray Beach Garlic Fest- “The best stinkin’ party in town”

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When? February 6-8th, 2015

Enough with all of the stink, what is it? The Delray Beach Garlic Fest is the premier food & entertainment event in South Florida. The event relies on volunteer organizations and is a fundraising source for local nonprofit organizations serving education and arts organizations for youth around the area.  

Making your office space reflect your business

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When coming into a new office space, it is important to think about how you want your space to reflect your business. This is where you will spend most of your time developing and growing your company. Equipment and décor can influence productivity and mood and the floor plan can facilitate the flow of energy and ideas.  

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