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Role Model: Dee Guenther, South Florida resident and Office Manager of Delray Beach Executive Suites

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Dee Guenther, Office manager Delray Beach Executive OfficesRetirees who want to re-enter the work force are a largely untapped resource.  Locations such as South Florida have a lot of these gems, just itching for some way to keep busy and be productive.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.3 million formerly retired Americans have re-entered the workforce lately. Some are doing it to supplement retirement income; others because they just feel like working again. [1]

Delray Beach Executive Suites  realizes that  workers 60-plus are adding value by exhibiting highly sought-after traits in today’s economy that employers need and want.  We feel  fortunate  to have snatched up one such employee in our newly minted DBES Office Manager, Dee Guenther.

The following is a short interview  conducted by our company owner and CEO  Tracy Caruso with Dee.

Tracy: What do you do for fun?

Dee: On a normal night, I like to go to the movies but when I have some real time on my hands, I like to travel everywhere. I like to just get in the car and go on an adventure.

Tracy:  Do you have any hobbies?

Dee: I do flower arranging and I even had a side business doing this at one time.  Cake decorating is also a lot of fun for me. I’ve made 6 wedding cakes so far. I like to decorate in general. Holiday decorating is great and I’m looking forward to decorating DBES for all of the holidays. Baking and working in the yard with the flowers are regular activities for me. I love to work. I also love to have my grandchildren over.

Tracy: How long were you retired for before you went back to work?

Dee: 2.5 years.

Tracy: What made you decide to go back to work?

Dee: I wasn’t planning on retiring as soon as I did. I was getting sick from all of the work I was doing. My husband had just died. I’d had enough.  After some time went by, I realized that I was bored and needed to do something to contribute to society.

Tracy: What about working is important to you?

Dee: I love being around people and helping them. I really enjoy working, being out in the world, and being a part of it all.

Tracy: I wanted you to work in our offices because I appreciate your values and work ethic. What have you noticed is missing today in the work place?

Dee: The most important way to succeed at work is to put your heart into it. I’ve noticed that most people don’t put a major effort into what they’re doing. They just don’t care. They don’t seem to have pride in their work. Customer service is a dying art. There’s just no such thing anymore.

Tracy: What would you like people in the work place to know these days that you think would make them better at what they do?

Dee: I would tell them that they need to actually care about what they’re doing. They also need to care about people and try to help them in any way that they can. Follow-up with people and show them that you’re making an effort to give them a good experience. Communication is very important. I’d like to see people text less at work and talk more with the people they’re working for and with.

Be sure to stop in and say “Hi” to Dee if you’re in the area – she’d love to show you around our offices and give you an overview of the services we offer at Delray Beach Executive Suites.


[1] (As of 2012) “Rebooting your career after a long layoff,”, December 7, 2012. )


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