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The Cure for Working around the Kids – Get a Virtual Office

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There are more entrepreneurs than ever emerging fresh from colleges all over the country. But, the larger population of them who are stay-at-home workers have children. Some are single moms and some are stay-at-home dads. And then, comes the summer. The kids are home. The kids are bored. The parents are trapped between the Skype meeting and digging cheerios out of the carpet or, depending on the dynamic, out of  the ear of one of the other children. Even if both parents are in the house all day, there will be additional supervision but there will still be vying for attention, fighting and noise. Kids have a lot of energy to burn off during the summer and this is a crazy maker for work productivity.

So, what’s the cure?

If your budget allows, for a fraction of the price of a free-standing office you can join the new wave in office accommodation. So, what is a virtual office? A virtual office comes in two forms. The first form is best in this scenario. It’s an office within a suite of offices. Just imagine an apartment building and each apartment being an office. It’s that simple. They contain several floor plans to suit your needs.You normally have a reception desk  with a live receptionist that can let you know when you have a client. You may typically have a conference room to use should the need arise.

The second form is the virtual-only package. You would only use the address and receive mail as well as having a receptionist answer and forward calls if needed.

What about my budget?

Yes, you work at home for a reason but, face it, the kids at home and a professional atmosphere just doesn’t mix. The kids at home and your sanity doesn’t mix either. So, this is how to move forward. Ask your virtual office provider of choice what the minimum lease is. You would then choose an amenity package that suites you and you are free for the summer.

The Sneaky Choice

If you aren’t in the market to have a live office but you still need to get away and work with a colleague or alone through video conferencing or teleconferencing, you can rent the conference room at a reasonable rate per hour when needed!

And of course if you are in the Delray Beach area, the Delray Executive Suites offer exactly what you need and we are here to answer any of your questions. Do you know anyone with the above scenario? Direct them to us and we will show our appreciation for the referral!


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