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The Facts about Meditation and your Health and Work Performance

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ID-10040823-1In decades past, we in mainstream society viewed meditation as primarily a practice for those outside the Americas and Canada…way outside. In fact, it was thought to be for the strictly metaphysically minded and their gurus. Medical science hadn’t come up with viable proof that meditation did anything other than foster better relaxation. Most of us never thought to take part and if we did, it was stigmatized enough for people not to mention that they had.

So what’s new today?

Today, without a doubt, science has concluded through controlled studies with both military and civilian test subjects that meditation and creative visualization has a direct affect upon our health. It has also gone past the realm of relaxation into cell regeneration and healing.

Here’s how some of that works:

Your brain has no clue what is reality and what is a dream. A perfect example of this is when you have a nightmare or you watch a scary movie, you  react with fear. Fear is a fight or flight response to danger so your brain has no idea how to differentiate fact from fiction in that sense. So, when you give it a command and play pictures in your mind, the brain takes this as gospel truth. This can work very well in your favor. Just as your brain sends chemicals to make those horrible hormones and chemicals like cortisol burst through the body and flood your cells with poison that cause disease when you are stressed;it can also send those healthy feel-good chemicals out that boost your immune system.

What you can do to take advantage of  a better brain at work!

The link below is probably the most clear and relaxing guided meditation. I use it myself. It is not at all to way out there. She explains what is going on and she has a pleasant voice. This can be done with or without head phones or ear buds but the effect on the subconscious is stronger with them. Try it for yourself and let me know how it went!




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